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Meet our custom made VR home walkthrough software! With Viewhaus, you can walk through your home or space and explore it as if it was already built. 

We are excited to announce our partnership with Aspire Realty! If you choose Aspire Realty to represent you through the home building process, you can choose between receiving either the master suite or the kitchen modeled and put into VR for you to explore completely FREE of charge! Check out the video above to see what having your space modeled in VR looks like!

Beta v 1.0

March, 7, 2022

This the first official version log of the 'Viewhaus' software. As updates roll out, all changes and additions will be added here in an easy-to-read format that will look a little something like this:

New additions:

  • Tape Measure tool

  • Paint Bucket tool

  • Leather Stool 3D model

Revisions and Fixes:

  • Added blink feature to teleport system to reduce motion sickness

  • fixed cupboard doors opening backwards

  • fixed issue with flickering lights

Beta v 1.1

May 26th, 2022

We've been doing a lot of work inside of Viewhaus! We have added some exciting new features and we have even more planned! Stay tuned for new updates coming soon!

New additions:

  • Hand Menu

  • Material cubes

  • Ability to lift toilet seat

  • Ability to open dishwasher and pull our racks

  • Ability to open oven door

Revisions and Fixes:

  • Fixed menu not closing

  • Fixed floating pillows

  • Added reset world to keybind 'R'

  • Added reset orientation to keybind 'O'

  • Fixed teleport dropping player

  • Fixed falling through floor

  • Changed tape measure model and function

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