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Meet the Team


Owner/VR Artist

Nick Steinbrecher

Nick spent most of his childhood in a small rural Canadian town. A town that had very little technology and no internet service until his later teens. He was intrigued by computers and technology but didn't have the option to use Google. Instead he would deep dive on every laptop and old computer he could find, trying to figure out exactly how they worked. This spark for technology has only grown over the years. Along the way he became a self taught software developer and an extreme creative. Constantly learning and eager to improve our daily lives with technology. 

When Nick isn't working on his software or meeting with clients, he can be found at NDSU completing his second year of Architecture, or at the Army National Guard base in Fargo repairing helicopters. In 2019 Nick was working at John Deere as a mechanic when he realized that he had to pursue a more creative path. Two months later he moved from Canada to Fargo with his wife (Jolynn) and started his Architecture degree, as well as his career with the Army National Guard. At the end of 2021, Jolynn shared Nick's work to a local Facebook group to see if there was any interest. After immediate positive response he gladly started Steinhaus Studios.

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Jolynn Steinbrecher

Jolynn grew up on an alpaca hobby farm and strip mall on Vancouver Island, Canada. Her parents are successful business owners who learned everything the hard way and taught Jolynn along the way. Jolynn grew up working on their hobby farm, strip mall, vehicle/equipement dealership and multiple other businesses that they flipped. She would do anything between wading through sewer or selling vehicles. She also took on many other part time jobs in the community. Jolynn is truly a chameleon and has a love for every industry. Her most recent job was for a shortline railroad where she was an HR/Safety Coordinator. 

Jolynn became a full time mom in 2021 to our son, Fletcher. When he's sleeping or happily playing she does the marketing and books for Steinhaus in our home office. She's a big believer in organization and efficiency. 

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