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Our Services

We specialize in VR Walkthroughs, Image Renderings and Video Renderings. 

VR Walkthroughs

Virtual Reality is the newest and greatest tool in the design world. So often we would hear from home owners and small business owners that their build didn't turn out like they imagined it would. Our custom built software and VR system eliminates this problem. 


The space between the windows in your master bedroom isn't large enough and your bed awkwardly covers up the bottoms of the windows? The staircase placement makes it nearly impossible to place your couch in the spot you'd prefer? These are all very small details, but when you invest in a home, you want it to be perfect. We take your architectural plans, color scheme, design style and even the exact paint color you would like, and we create a VR walkthrough like no one else can.

Not sure how you want the space to look? No problem! Our software, designed by Nick, was created so that you can change the paint colors, your flooring, your furniture and many more details, all while in VR. 

Image Renders

This is perfect for advertising residential and commercial builds. Crisp images for billboards, websites, portfolios, etc. Also a great visual for your contractors to refer to.


Video Renders

A combination of well thought video shots and music make for an impressive video of your future build or renovation. We offer a variety of different video styles to really show off your latest project. 


We work on a quoting system as each build and client is very unique, but we know how helpful it is to have a rough idea of cost. We charge up to .65/square feet to model the project, and then we charge per service needed. VR  walkthrough packages start at $150. Photo renderings are $10/photo and video renders start at $15/video clip.

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